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Monday, December 12, 2011

..:: Sometimes We Have To Accept Life Can't Always Perfect::..


According to that pic above...that's me...upside down..

Seriously, lately everything upside down in my life...i mean stories...n my oh my...some idea comes across to my mind few second..n then on my lappy..immediately that ideas disappear as a wind hit my pretty ugly face...i was confuse bout my life...belong to who?? me myself? my parents? 

Last few days,i tried to cover up my feeling wit my gff n cousin, haha we call Ladies Nite, just have fun wit my gff..Whole day we just hang out together..watching muvie "Ombak Rindu" (jenguh melangut sbb dpt tiket depan skali..hampess tol)...makan-makan..gossiping...till finish our day..

Honestly i'm not fan of muvie in cinema..rather i just wait DVD or Astro First then wasting my money behind cinema...which is i knew that, in end i'll be so disappointing with muvie especially malay movie..
( sorry to say this but i felt that way )...exp Lagenda Budak Setan and Ombak Rindu (really disappointing)...unless RM 5.00 ticket just ( on Wednesday, thats orait )

Last nite me, Ikin again ''berjimba-jimba'' at Hot Spring Water Baling ( Ulu Lenggong )... Really fun we can spent time there almost 3 hours n we feel so great n fresh after all those stress life n upside down crazy...i dunno why I'm so panicking in life now...bluurrr...dunno what to do, i got nerves breakdown or what?? small thing even can work on my nerves now...Ya Allah..hopefully everything will be better after this...

p/s - next entry will be bout Australian Aborigine, Mouri People in New Zealand..Orang Asli and so interesting bout them...last few days Holland Government officially  apologized to Indonesia Govt bout genocide ppl in Indo......

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