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Thursday, March 8, 2012

..:: Culture Shock ::..

Salam alaik....

Just guessing, coz of human behavior or for certain people will get culture shock especially when they're in phase of a new adopt in life???

I had faced with this situation when I was study in USM Penang, I had a friend from all over the world...I used to be friendly with anybody from north to south till east cost... my rumate especially came from east but they're lovely n being a normal human...but then, few of my "friend" in terms of no really friends had  culture shock such as start to not being themselves...

Imagine, come from village, no even past to any night club..smoking...takin alcohol...sleepin around n so on but when they got they own keys of freedom...( far away from family )..they involved with all this negative things in life...1st year still smart looking with scarf things...2nd years start free hair...huhuhu 3rd year...o yeah sex...clubbing...For God Sake...u cant say anything to them..better just talk to the wall..

In my view, maybe bcos of they ben control too much by family, that's why when they stay far from family...this curiosity bout life start...that's what I call CULTURE SHOCK ...or i just talkin crap????

This entry regarding to our conversation today bout migrant in England, from 3rd world migrate to 1st world, too many ignorant there..( x tau x pe , tau ok ler )- x paham wat2 je paham oke...memalukan oke...phuiiii....

p/s - mood x oke arini sbb seko anak hamster mati...sedey tinggal 6 ekor je...lgpun diorg dah start membesar sihat dan kuat...cumel2 belaka...


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