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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

..:: Kaum Pribumi @ Aborigines ::..

Salam 1 Malaysia...

Less than a month we will step into kejap giler mase berlalu skrg ni... tau x korang yang dalam dunia ni kebanyakkan penduduk-penduduk negara2 kat dunia ni 90% bukannya kaum asal negara tersebut??? Contohnya Malaysia, kaum asal atau dipanggil kaum pribumi (aborigines) kat Malaysia ni ialah Orang Asli...New Zealand terdapat kaum pribumi Mouri..kat Jepun ade kaum Ainu...n etc...

Last few weeks, aku ade la collect sket info dr Internet, books and so on bout few aborigine people in all over the world..( maybe u guys know bout this info but still i wanna write here for my references later )..lets check it out...we start from my own country...


Term for indigenous people in Malaysia is Orang Asli...secara formalnya terdapat 18 jenis suku kaum Orang Asli yang terbahagi kepada 3 jenis kaum terbesar...Semang (Negrito), Senoi dan Proto Malay..

They original language other than Malay language is Austro Asiatic dan Austronesian...most of them keep believe in they own religious Animisme dan lain2 ( Islam, Kristian,Hindu )..for more info leh check kat Wikipedia...

Orang Asli kat Malaysia skrg pun dah maju...x macam zaman dulu2 okes...

( Sources From 


In Australia, they have they origin people they call Australian Aborigines..they are original people in Australia land before British colonize Australia in 1788..but then they population been genocide by others migrant in history before ( this info i just get from interviews with Australian frens ), but last few years if i'm not mistaken, Australia Govt Officially ask Apologized bout genocide this people..they famous music by this ethnic is Didgeridoo 
( leh tgk kat You Tube )...For more info u can check in Wikipedia..

(Source by )


Indigenous people in Russia n Japan is Ainu people.. Historically they spoke the Ainu Language. Most of those who identify themselves as Ainu still live in this same region, though the exact number of living Ainu is unknown. This is due to confusion over mixed heritages and to-ethnic issues in Japan  resulting in those with Ainu backgrounds hiding their identities.

In Japan, because of intermarriage over many years with Japanese, the concept of a pure Ainu ethnic group is no longer feasible. Official estimates of the population are of around 25,000, while the unofficial number is upward of 200,000 people.

(Source from


I guess to many people know bout Mouri people in New Zealand bcoz they have a famous dance always been present by New Zealand Rugby National Team they call HAKA dance..really interesting dance and they purpose for scare they opponent..Mouri people consider themselves as first nation in New Zealand..( tarian best tu leh tgk kat Youtube )

The Maori peoples in New Zealand are its First Nations and are named from the words Ma-Uri, meaning Children of Heaven. more info can click here ..

(Source from

Takat ni dulu la ekh...actually byk lg dr negara2 lain macam dr America ade Red Indian Apache dan lain-lain tp aku x brape tau sgt info sal negara2 utk skrg ni setakat tu dulu la ye..

If korang nak info lanjut leh layari laman web yang aku da bg tu..sbb byk info best sal kaum pribumi ni..budaya menarik..makanan dan macam2 lagi..x leh aku nak muatkan kat sini, so aku ringkaskan je la ye..

p/s - If any of info from this article have error (maybe they own people read this), pls correct me..tq..


yana-feehily said...

rajin benor cari info psl org asal ni ye.. :)

teha kt mana skrg ni?

Mrs Sufatiha Nur said...

haha..biasa la nana, xde keje kan...

ada kat kedah lg..nape??


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