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Saturday, May 8, 2010

..::One More Funny Tag by Neyshak::..

  1. it's harder than it looks 
  2. copy to your own notes 
  3. erase my answer 
  4. enter yours and tag twenty(20) people 
  5. use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions.. 
  6. they have to be real 
  7. nothing made up 
  8. if the person before u had the same first initial,u must use different answer 
  9. u cannot use any words twice and 
  10. u can't use ur name for the boy/girl name question.

what is your name : noorfa
a four letter word :news
a boy's name : nito
a girl's name : nina
an occupation : not working currently
a colour : not transparent
something ur wear : noorfa wear lipstick
a food : non halal for sure i didn't eat..
something found in the bathroom :not my shirt for sure
a place : nyonya mansur house ( tipu )
a reason to being late : namo...x penah lewat
something u shout : nooooooooooooo

a movie title: noorfa like 'Braveheart'
something u drink : non alcohol
a musical group : not interested much
an animal : nucing ok x???
a street name : number 782, Lorong bla bla bla
a type of car: no car for now...

Wargh tension pala otak nak pikir jawapan neh....
nak tag sape ekh, coming soon la ekh..

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