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Saturday, May 8, 2010

..::Been Tag by Miss Ayleen Cute Gurl::..

Salam sayang everybody yea....
Last day i been tagged my Miss Ayleen Cute Gurl (indeed a cute gurl hehe)...
tq so much dear coz tag my name at first...

taaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaaa...this is that award...
Interesting Blog Award ( interesting????) wink..wink... 

Thank & link the person that give you the award ( done )

Pass this award to 10/20/30 all bloggers you've recently discover
( i decide to keep this with me without tag others..ok like this?? hehe )

Contact said blogs and let them know they've won the award
( Just Do It...huhuhu )

7 things about yourself 
  1. Wife for Mr Know Everything...hahahaha
  2. Lovely child for Mr Salleh & Mrs Noorulaini
  3. Younger sis for Mr Razali & Miss Nurul
  4. Sister for Mr Navy a.k.a Mr Siddiq...
  5. Friend for all of u ( who consider me as a fren just )
  6. Lovely, sweet, always smile and all +ve things....( haha )
  7. Anger Management, unpredictable, keep strong but not (will change InsyaAllah)


with love
..::Mrs Infinity a.k.a Noorfa::..

1 comment:

Zechs said...

memang interesting blog pun ni.


click tau