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Sunday, April 18, 2010

**Women Heart**

Come we talk bout women heart...sumtimes women even cant understand what women feel..and in marriage bcoz of women and men have different heart and behavior and thats will become trouble in a relationship..thats why in Malay we say in maxims "sedangkan lidah lagi tergigit, inikan pula suami isteri"...hehe....shortly, human are not perfect even not almost perfect..we have accept this..let check it out.... Below is sumthing bout women heart ( info for guys who not married yet and think b4 get married )

  • Sensitive - huhuhu just want attention from people who they love..
  • Fussy - yea ke?? i dont think so..but yes women always want to know details but not just bossy around ( so guys plz take note..)
  • Fine or halus - women always give forgiveness but never ever will forget what people done...
  • Honest - no comment coz depends on people...
  • Sacrifice - thats true..too many single mother than single father in the it true or not????
  • Caring - women always awake bcoz they behavior..
  • Childish - even matured women but they still been childish sumtimes rite????
  • Ego - still man win this part..hahahaha....
  • Love - everything for them but once get more love..find another love..
  • Sex - last thing for thinking....
** man in women life is like a protection not as a mass destruction...
women been create by Allah from left guy rib bones
for hug,pampered and not to be harmed**

so as a normal human..accept ur partner as they are..don't try to change them, and demand for anything...appreciate what u have....

with love noorfa....

1 comment:

ckin said...

taste its not necessarily identical but its compatible...
hahaha te'a windu kt ang


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