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Thursday, April 26, 2012

..:: Al Pacino as Tony Montana a.k.a Scarface ::..

Salam Alaik...

MOOD : Depressed n Impressed after watched SCARFACE movie again...

SCARFACE....such a damn great movie..I was never think this movie is far I didn't seen any movie can compete with this movie.. TONY MONTANA ( Al Pacino )...

Al Pacino is a great actor ever, in this movie...he sucha legend...I watched this movie 3 times..still never get bored n I wanna watch again n again...nice gang ..vengeance...drug was 1983 film..

Actually long time I wanna update bout this movie on my page..but I was little bz with other thing but tonite..I watched again this movie..

Tony Montana..Cuban political refugee in America..

( good actor n he look so good the way he is in Scarface )

KLIK here to read bout movie... ( for whom love this movie just )

Moral Of Story :

  • Money is no everything ( he's life been fucked up bcoz of money )
  • Trust ( Tony Montana never trust anybody just himself )
  • Betrayal ( he will not betrayed people on his word )
  • Never ever give up hard work ( he builds his 'world' without give up, in end he makes it )
  • Brave ( sucha brave guy, never ever scare of anything till his last breath )
  • Love in relationship ( He loved his sister damns crazy, his wife too )
  • Friendship ( Manny Rivera been sucha great friend )
  • Marriage prob ( nothing just nice as well )
  • Gangs ( nice way to make money n buried himself )
  • World is yours ( cantik dia punya globe )


Al Pacino
He is in 70 ++ years old..
still better looking or not????

p/s - lakonan dia dlm Scarface membuatkan dia kelihatan hensem sgt dengan slang english Italian Cuban...


atIEsAyAnGkAmU said...

pernah dgr psal al pacino neh..
tp tk penah follow tentng dia..

thanks sharing...!!

tony jaa said...

tony jaa lg hensem ke tony montana???

SufatihaNur said...

atie : ni la jejaka idaman mase zaman 80an dulu...huhu zaman kita ni mane kenal sgt dah..

tony : Jep Sepah lg hensem kot


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